George Knox

Annual Evaluation Report (2003-2004)
Assistant Professor
Tampa, Florida, United States

About Me

Since my appointment as an Assistant Professor in 2003, I have tirelessly committed myself to academic and pedagogical innovation, a quest which has earned me distinguished accolades such as the Outstanding Conference Presentation Award by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Award by the Association of Teacher Educators. These achievements not only underline my capabilities in research and education but most of all, they signify the impact of my work in the broader academic community.

My teaching journey is marked by curating and leading courses like EDU 201 - Classroom Management and EDU 401 - Curriculum Development. These courses are designed to provide both theoretical and hands-on approaches for prospective educators, thereby nurturing the next generation of teaching professionals. In other words, my teaching philosophy pivots around fostering a conducive environment for learning, engagement, and inclusivity.

After more than two decades in academia, I have come to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between teaching and research. My publications, such as "Charting the Educational Landscape: Analyzing the Transformative Impact of Technology on 21st Century Learning," echo this very philosophy. My work as a Primary Investigator on the "Teacher Professional Development Initiative" grant further amplifies my commitment to the advancement of teaching and learning strategies.

Beyond the classroom, I'm actively engaging in research. I have contributed articles to new educational platforms and have had the opportunity to present my work at regional conferences. My presentations usually revolve around pedagogical innovations, incorporating technology into education, and making teaching practices more inclusive.

In addition to teaching and research, I've started to become involved in curriculum development. I sit on various subcommittees like the Early Career Research Committee and the Assistant Faculty Senate. Furthermore, I've begun my community engagement journey by volunteering at local educational events and spearheading small projects to improve educational resources in nearby underserved areas.


One of my cornerstone achievements was receiving the Outstanding Conference Presentation Award from AERA. This accolade highlights my expertise in crafting impactful research presentations that offer significant contributions to the field of education. Instead of limiting my focus to publications, I extend my influence through presenting at conferences on topics like digital literacy and gamification in education, thereby reaching a broader audience of scholars and practitioners.

With the privilege of teaching courses such as EDU 201 - Classroom Management and EDU 401 - Curriculum Development, I have equipped future educators with the essential skills and knowledge they need. These courses, offered face-to-face in Blue Lake, Florida, have been the bedrock of many educational careers, thanks to their blend of theoretical principles and real-world applications.

As the Primary Investigator for the "Teacher Professional Development Initiative," a $40,000 grant funded by Blue Lake Foundation, I have had the opportunity to address professional growth among educators. The initiative aims to improve pedagogical skills, thereby uplifting the quality of education within our community.

My service to the academic community has been multifaceted. From being a Member of the Assessment Committee at Blue Lake University to serving as a Conference Proposal Manuscript Reviewer for the American Educational Research Association, my involvement has been geared towards enhancing academic excellence and integrity. My community service includes volunteering in STEM programs, further emphasizing my dedication to educational enrichment.

My portfolio encapsulates a vibrant amalgam of teaching, research, and community involvement, each enriching and informing the other. It is through this integrated approach that I continue to strive for academic and pedagogical excellence.
I'm also interested in how technology can serve as a supplementary tool in education. My current research aims to uncover ways technology can enhance learning outcomes and promote digital literacy. But most of all, I'm committed to diversity and inclusion and am taking my first steps in research and community outreach to create a more equitable educational landscape.

Even at this early stage of my career, I am deeply dedicated to shaping the future of education through my teaching, research, and community involvement. My role as an Assistant Professor is not just a stepping stone but a crucial foundation in my journey toward educational excellence.

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