The table below shows the official courses taught at Blue Lake University during the evaluation period, as well as the student evaluation data for the given course.

  Fall 2003
Spring 2004
Evaluation Statement Enrollments Evaluations Scores Enrollments Evaluations Scores
Clarity of Course Objectives and Assignments 35 24 (%68.6) 4.40 34 30 (%88.2) 4.60
Effectiveness in Communicating Ideas and Information 35 24 (%68.6) 4.20 34 30 (%88.2) 4.50
Precision in Expressing Performance Expectations 35 24 (%68.6) 4.30 34 30 (%88.2) 4.45
Accessibility for Student Assistance, In or Outside of Class 35 24 (%68.6) 4.45 34 30 (%88.2) 4.60
Demonstrated Respect and Concern for Students 35 24 (%68.6) 4.55 34 30 (%88.2) 4.60
Ability to Stimulate Interest in the Subject Matter 35 24 (%68.6) 4.40 34 30 (%88.2) 4.55
Proficiency in Facilitating Learning and Understanding 35 24 (%68.6) 4.45 34 30 (%88.2) 4.65
Overall Instructional Excellence 35 24 (%68.6) 4.50 34 30 (%88.2) 4.70

Scale: 1-Poor, 2-Fair, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent.

Student feedback refers to the valuable insights and opinions gathered from students regarding various aspects of a course, including but not limited to the effectiveness of teaching methods, clarity of objectives, and overall course organization. 

Student Feedback for EDU 401 - Curriculum Development (Fall 2003)

  • Dr. Knox's mastery of curriculum development theory shines through in his lectures.
  • The sessions are enlightening and remarkably organized, providing a solid grounding in the subject matter.
  • It's clear that Dr. Knox is deeply knowledgeable about curriculum development. He translates this knowledge effectively, ensuring students grasp complex concepts easily.
  • What sets Dr. Knox apart is his interactive teaching style. He encourages critical thinking about curriculum development, making the course a rewarding experience.
  • Dr. Knox excels at linking theory with practice, employing real-world examples to enhance our understanding. This adds a pragmatic touch to the theoretical content.
  • The instructor's accessibility, both inside and outside the classroom, greatly enriched the learning environment. Dr. Knox is always open to questions and provides detailed answers.
  • I appreciate Dr. Knox's attention to detail in his teaching methods. He makes sure to revisit topics for students who may need additional explanations.
  • The course readings were generally insightful and complemented the lectures well. However, including more recent articles could make the content even more contemporary.
  • The course was rigorous yet reasonable in its demands. However, broadening the range of topics in online discussions could make for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Student Feedback for EDU 401 - Curriculum Development (Spring 2004)

  • Dr. Knox's expertise in curriculum development is readily apparent. His lectures offer a harmonious blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.
  • The detailed lecture notes provided a strong foundation for revising the course material. It's evident that Dr. Knox puts great thought into organizing his lectures.
  • One standout feature of this course was Dr. Knox's availability for student queries. His willingness to answer questions and clarify doubts made a significant impact on my understanding of the subject.
  • The course fundamentally altered my perceptions about curriculum development. Dr. Knox's well-rounded approach made the subject both accessible and profoundly insightful.
  • I found the course to be intellectually stimulating. Dr. Knox's choice of readings and topics for online discussions were engaging and encouraged critical thinking.
  • Dr. Knox's grading system is commendably transparent. His constructive feedback provided valuable insights into areas where I could improve.
  • The multimedia elements Dr. Knox integrated into his lectures made the sessions more engaging. This diversified teaching approach enhanced the learning experience.
  • The pacing of the course was exemplary. All topics were covered in depth, yet the course never felt rushed, making for an effective and enriching educational journey.
  • While the course was comprehensive, I believe that guest lectures could offer alternative viewpoints, enriching the overall learning experience.
  • The lectures were meticulously planned and thoroughly engaging. Incorporating small group discussions could offer an additional layer of understanding, making an excellent course even better.
  • Dr. Knox’s teaching style is both informative and thought-provoking. He challenges us to apply what we've learned, making the lessons resonate beyond the classroom.
  • The course environment was conducive to focused learning. It was clear that Dr. Knox prioritizes creating a space where all students feel welcome and engaged.
  • The structure and content of the course were balanced well. However, integrating more case studies could provide a more hands-on understanding of curriculum development.
  • I found Dr. Knox’s teaching methods to be extremely effective. However, including more interactive quizzes might make the assessments more engaging and less monotonous.
  • The course was almost flawless in its execution. Adding more topics to the online discussions could broaden our exposure to different aspects of curriculum development.

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