During my first academic year as an Assistant Professor (2003-2004) at Blue Lake University, I diligently engaged in a multitude of research activities to lay a robust foundation for my scholarly journey. These endeavors encompassed four publications in peer-reviewed journals—two of which are accepted and two submitted—as well as five presentations at various levels of conferences, including international and national platforms. Additionally, I successfully applied for and secured a significant internal grant aimed at advancing teacher professional development.

Technology's Impact on 21st-Century Learning
One of my key areas of interest lies in understanding how technology can transform 21st-century education. I am particularly interested in this subject because the advent of digital tools has the potential to significantly enhance the learning experience, and I wish to contribute evidence-based strategies for this transformation.

  • Publications: Knox, G., & Brown, C. (Submitted) "Charting the Educational Landscape: Analyzing the Transformative Impact of Technology on 21st Century Learning." Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Presentations: Knox, G. (2004, April 19-23). "Navigating the Digital Frontier: Fostering Digital Literacy and 21st Century Skills for Success." The annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Conference (AERA), San Francisco, California.

Engaging Pedagogical Strategies in STEM Education
My interest in STEM education emanates from the critical role STEM plays in fostering innovation and economic development. Through my research, I aim to identify and propagate effective teaching methods in STEM that could potentially inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers.

  • Publications: Knox, G., & Johnson, B. (Accepted) "Elevating Pedagogical Excellence: Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement in STEM Education." Educational Technology and Society.
  • Presentations: Knox, G. (2004, April 19-23). "Elevating Education Through Gamification: Strategies and Implementation in the Modern Classroom." The annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Conference (AERA), San Francisco, California.

Evaluating Educational Models and Platforms
Understanding the effectiveness of various teaching models and platforms is crucial for making informed decisions in educational settings. My work in this area benefits educators and policymakers in adopting the most effective instructional methods.

  • Publications: Knox, G., & Williams, D. (2004). "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Learning Platforms: A Comprehensive Assessment." International Journal of Distance Education.
  • Presentations: Knox, G. (2004, February 9-12). "Flipping the Script: Best Practices and Outcomes in Flipped Classroom Models." The annual meeting of The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), Atlanta, United States.
    Knox, G. (2004, March 22-25). "Evaluating the Influence of Blended Learning Models on Student Achievement and Educational Outcomes." The annual meeting of The Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA), Clearwater, Florida.

Inclusive and Equitable Education
As our society becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative to ensure that our educational systems are inclusive and equitable. I am interested in this area because every student deserves a quality education regardless of their background.

Publications: Knox, G., & Davis, E. (2003). "Advancing Equitable Education: Exploring Inclusive Practices for a Diverse Spectrum of Learners." Teaching and Teacher Education.
Teacher Professional Development Initiative (Grant)

Beyond publications and presentations, I was the Primary Investigator for an internal grant of $40,000 from the Blue Lake Foundation, dedicated to the "Teacher Professional Development Initiative." This project aims to elevate teaching quality by offering training, workshops, and other opportunities for educators.

The underlying idea behind my research is to inform my instruction. Therefore, I follow a teacher-scholar approach in my scholarly endeavors, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research paradigms. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and plan to continue with these lines of research as a teacher-scholar. I believe my studies will make a positive impact in the world of education over time.

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