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Classroom Management Plan

This management plan is designed for use in a secondary English or foreign language classroom. It assumes that the students in the classroom are from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and that there are a wide variety of personality types present.

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Unit Plan on Early Civilization for Grades 6-8

A Unit Plan follows a similar format as the lesson plan, but covers an entire unit of work for weeks, months or a semester. It is imperative to demonstrate the principle objectives of a curriculum and how to exercise, assess and commence sessions for students in different classes. Henceforth, Unit...

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SDAIE lesson plan

SDAIE stands for Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English. SDAIE instruction is a methodology that synthesizes the best practices of content area teaching and language acquisition

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Teacher Work Sample

Student teachers in the elementary and secondary education programs complete a teacher work sample as the culminating project for the program. A teacher work sample is a set of 3-5 lessons for one subject in one grade level along with background information, assessment data, and a reflection on the data...

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My Flipped Lesson

Subject Area: English Language Arts (B.E.S.T.) | Grade Level: 5

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