Faculty Advisor, Computer Science Club

Jan 2020 - Present
University of California
Los Angeles, California, United States
As a Faculty Advisor for the Computer Science Club at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), I serve as a mentor and guide to the members of the club, offering support and guidance in all aspects of the club's operations. I work closely with student leaders to plan and execute club events and activities, such as guest lectures, hackathons, coding competitions, and community outreach programs. I also provide academic and career advice to the members, helping them to develop their skills and pursue their goals in the field of computer science.

Reviewer, Journal Proposal Manuscript Reviewer

Jan 2020 - Present
Journal of Machine Learning Research
As a reviewer for the Journal of Machine Learning Research, I have been responsible for evaluating and providing feedback on research articles submitted for publication. This involves assessing the quality and rigor of the research methodology, analysis, and conclusions, as well as providing constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. My role is critical in maintaining the high standards of academic research and ensuring the validity and impact of published work. I have been serving as a reviewer for the Journal of Machine Learning Research since 2020.

Program Committee Member, Conference on Natural Language Processing

Jan 2019 - Present
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
As a Program Committee Member for the Conference on Natural Language Processing, I am responsible for reviewing and evaluating submissions for the conference. This involves assessing the quality and relevance of the research, providing feedback to authors, and making recommendations for acceptance or rejection of submissions. I collaborate with other committee members to ensure a fair and rigorous review process, and help to select the most promising and impactful research for presentation at the conference.

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