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Quote: "I constantly find myself needing to update various documents like my curriculum vitae, my digital university folder for annual evaluations, and managing research publications stored on different devices, both at my office and home. To ensure data safety, I back up my work on a USB drive and in Dropbox. Additionally, I maintain a faculty website. The challenge is that I often have to update these documents simultaneously, and searching for specific items can be quite time-consuming. I wish there was a streamlined solution that consolidates all these tasks into a single, user-friendly platform." - Sabrina Kendrick, P.hD.

Other Challenges:

As a faculty member, how long would it take for you

  • to gather the materials for tenure and promotion application?
  • find and send a copy of the PowerPoint file you presented at a conference two years ago?
  • provide the course syllabus for the course you taught three years ago?
  • find the SPSS data file for the paper you published two years ago?
  • share your official transcript or diploma for your Master's degree?
  • provide your annual evaluation report for the last academic year?
  • email a copy of the certification you received three years ago for online teaching?
  • prepare for the annual review report?
  • share copies of your selected journal publications?

If you're a faculty member and any of the tasks listed above takes longer than five minutes, then you should definitely keep reading.


Imagine a platform where you can effortlessly update your curriculum vitae, sync it with your digital university records for annual evaluations, and access your research materials – all from one place. No more scattered files, no more searching endlessly for that one document, and no more tedious manual updates.

But we didn't stop there. With CV Folder, you can create a faculty dossier that showcases your academic journey with precision, making it a breeze to compile materials for tenure and promotion applications. Retrieving past presentations, course syllabi, research data, and credentials becomes a matter of clicks, not hours.

CV Folder is designed to assist educators in constructing comprehensive online faculty dossiers, which house a collection of documents and materials showcasing an academic's qualifications, accomplishments, and contributions in the areas of teaching, research, and service. Faculty dossiers serve several critical purposes in academia, including:

  • Personal Record Keeping
  • Employment Application
  • Tenure & Promotion
  • Performance Review
  • Grant Applications
  • Professional Development
  • Institutional Review
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Networking & Collaboration
  • Post Tenure Review

How It Works

Easily create a personalized faculty dossier on our user-friendly platform, tailor your content, customize the design, and unlock diverse opportunities for academic advancement and collaboration.

Step in & Sign Up

Register on our platform to gain access to an intuitive interface designed to guide you through creating your faculty dossier.

Build Your Dossier

Upload documents, teaching materials, research publications, and more, while organizing them to suit your audience's expectations.

Customize Your Dossier

Customize your portfolio's look and feel with a range of templates, layouts, and design options, reflecting your unique style.

Share Your Dossier

Share your finished faculty dossier to unlock new avenues for career growth, research funding, and meaningful collaborations, harnessing the potential of your academic journey.


We try to follow the three core pillars on our platform: innovation, empowerment, and excellence in academic representation. Each feature has been meticulously crafted to address the diverse needs of academics in today's dynamic academic landscape. By offering a comprehensive suite of toolsand features, we aim to simplify the process of creating, managing, and presenting faculty dossiers while amplifying the impact of your qualifications, accomplishments, and contributions. Whether you're preparing for a tenure review, seeking research funding, connecting with peers, or navigating your professional journey, these features work harmoniously to provide you with a holistic and user-friendly experience.


Privacy or Sharing

Provide control over who can view the dossier, with options to keep it private, share with specific individuals, or make it public..

  • Private: Keep your dossier completely private, accessible only to yourselves.
  • Public: Make your dossier public, allowing anyone with the link to view it.
  • Selective Sharing: Share your dossier with specific individuals or groups with a private key.
  • Itemized Sharing: Share only specific item(s) with individuals privately or publicly.

Export & Printing

Allow users to export their dossier as a PDF or other formats for printing or offline sharing.

  • Export Entirely: Effortlessly create a downloadable file in formats like PDF to capture your entire dossier. This option includes all sections, making it perfect for versatile distribution, offline sharing, or printing.
  • Export Selective: Pick and choose specific elements, sections, or content from your dossier to compile a customized export. Create a tailored downloadable file in formats like PDF, ideal for focused sharing, offline access, or printing. Gain precise control over the information you share while optimizing relevance and impact.

Document and Multimedia Intergration

Enables users to create a dynamic and visually engaging academic dossier that effectively communicates your academic qualifications and contributions.

  1. Folders: For each dossier item, create as many folders as you needed and keep them private or shared.
  2. Files: Upload and attach documents that highlight your research papers, publications, teaching materials, and more.
  3. Multimedia: Integrate images, videos, and audio recordings that capture the essence of your teaching style, research endeavors, and service activities.
  4. Links: Include hyperlinks to your published articles, online profiles, research projects, and other external resources.
  5. Text: Craft narratives, reflections, and explanations that provide context and depth to your accomplishments.

Menu / Submenu Structure

Establish a hierarchy of menus and submenus.

Imagine your faculty dossier as a book with chapters. Our feature lets you create a menu, like a table of contents, where you list these chapters. But what's even cooler is that you can group related chapters together under submenus. It's like having sections within your chapters, making it super easy to find and show off your work, whether it's research, teaching, or anything else. This feature keeps your dossier neat and tidy, so you and others can quickly find what you're looking for.

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Discover a collection of meticulously crafted faculty dossiers and curriculum vitae, showcasing the power of CV Folder in presenting academic achievements and qualifications with clarity and professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating a new tool can raise questions, and we're here to ensure your experience with CV Folder is seamless and productive. Whether you're curious about getting started, data security, customization options, collaboration features, or how CV Folder can support your academic career, you'll find valuable insights here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our dedicated support team is just a message away, ready to assist you in making the most of CV Folder for your academic journey.

What is CV Folder?

CV Folder is a web application designed to help educators and faculty members create comprehensive online faculty dossiers. These dossiers serve as a centralized platform to showcase your qualifications, accomplishments, and contributions in teaching, research, and service.

How do I get started with CV Folder?

To get started, simply sign up for an account on our platform. Once registered, you can begin creating your faculty dossier by adding your academic and professional information, uploading documents, and customizing your profile.

Is my data secure on CV Folder?

We take data security seriously. CV Folder employs robust encryption and security measures to protect your information. You have control over who can access your dossier, and we comply with data privacy regulations.

Can I customize the look of my faculty dossier?

Absolutely! CV Folder provides various customizable templates and design options. You can personalize the appearance of your dossier to match your professional branding and preferences.

How do I share my faculty dossier with others?

You can easily share your faculty dossier by generating a shareable link or providing access to specific individuals. This allows you to showcase your achievements and qualifications to colleagues, reviewers, or potential collaborators.

Is CV Folder accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, CV Folder is designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that you can access and update your faculty dossier from various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How can CV Folder help me with my academic career progression, such as tenure and promotion??

CV Folder simplifies the process of documenting and presenting your qualifications, making it easier to prepare for tenure and promotion applications. You can also create reports showcasing your academic activities for grant applications.